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About MAGNA Abogados.

Trust us and you‘ll be safe

All that is complicated or controversial for you, becomes simple when you deposit your trust in our hands

Recovery of unpaid

The credit recovery has to be done without losing the good name of your company. You will retrieve your unpaid invoices and besides, your customers will be satisfied.

Unity gives strength

The company was created by two great professionals, because of his extensive experience in the business world, make this company one of which achieved better results for our clients.

Trust us

In commercial and labor law, our professionals channeled agreements through contracts that will make sure your rights are safeguarded.









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With Passión & Experience

Recovery of unpaid

Rest your bills receivable in us. We develop the expedient through friendly negotiating with debtors to manage the payment of the invoice and fix the problem.

Act onInsolvency

Postpones obligations and save money to make your company viable.Process costs are amortized through savings you get into debt with your creditors and suppliers.

Civil andfamily

The claims in the civil sphere are a concern, right-of-way, neighbourship, homeowners association, etc. In our expert hands, you‘ll have little cause for concern.

Trafficaccident demands

If you are the victim of a car accident, regardless of the kind of damage you‘ve suffered (physical, personal, or materials) you are entitled to compensation.

Commercial andcorporate

Drafting of contracts, expansion of international business, labor relations and collective dismissal procedures, etc. Anything your company needs.

Medicalmalpractice claims

If you think you‘re facing a medical malpractice, collects all records. We‘ll study the case and interpose the respective claim by you.

Advocati non ultra quam litium poscit utilitas in licentiam conviciandit et malidicendi temeritati prorrumpant. Fundamentum iustitiae primum est ne cui noceatur.

Marcus Tullius Cicero1

Meet ... the Team

They are really nice

Jorge FernandezLawyer

Renowned litigator with extensive experience in commercial and corporate law.

Our skills

Won cases


Extrajudicial settlements


Luís LópezGraduate

Responsible of reporting and documentation. Specialist in new technologies.

Our skills

Running projects


IP Tracing satisfactory


Sese CaamañoLawyer

Civil and labor law has no secrets for our colleage.

Our skills

Won cases


Extrajudicial settlements




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